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Reviews from clients about Canyon Construction Services – SolarCCS® are available here. We offer comprehensive solar power system design and installation services for Riverside County and the Greater Inland Empire region of southern California. Five Star Testimonials from Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau: A Collection of Positive Feedback from Satisfied Clients

Paul Mckeough Video Testimonial

Canyon Construction stands out from others because they not only provided us with the solar system, but also took charge of its installation. . . With the expertise in construction and being a general contractor, one has the capability to address and handle any minor obstacle that may arise. This includes the ability to fix or handle any small hiccup that may occur. I believe that this would be the most significant factor in distinguishing them from any other business.

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My home has undergone numerous projects, ranging from full remodels to minor repairs, courtesy of this company. Without fail, they always appear punctually and, at the end of each day, ensure that the area is left immaculate, even if the work carries over to the following day. The work is of exceptional quality, and they demonstrate great professionalism while being courteous. With his solar services being highly competitive and his unwavering commitment to delivering first-class materials, Ralph consistently ensures customer satisfaction. By constantly updating his knowledge on new advancements in the solar industry, Ralph remains at the forefront of the field, enabling him to provide his clients with the most optimal solutions available.
Camille Meldrum
CEO PIP Printing Moreno Valley
Canyon Construction ServicesThey have successfully addressed all our requirements, ranging from constructing several partitions for our company to incorporating entrances, installing a substantial amount of electricity (240 and 120v) across our warehouse, enhancing our primary control unit, setting up switches and circuits, installing indoor and outdoor lighting, and presenting us with a solar energy system to offset our power usage. They possess the capability to handle all of these tasks proficiently! They are truly versatile and reliable in their abilities! Excellent work, completed accurately and quickly! Highly recommended.
Fabian G

Video Testimonial from Francisco's Meat Company

If someone were to inquire about a reliable suggestion, I would extend an invitation for them to witness the magnificence of the system. This unparalleled system has proven itself error-free and resilient for an astonishing period of nearly three years. Rest assured, it has never faltered and remains operational without interruption. I strongly endorse Canyon Construction for this type of project.

Had an amazing time with Ralph and his team Let's proceed with the installation of a ground-mounted solar system consisting of 21 panels. They made a special effort to ensure its timely installation (staying late into the evening and working in the rain). I strongly endorse their services for any solar installation. I highly recommend utilizing their expertise for all solar installation needs.
Larry Vesely
Home Owner