Special Needs Construction

Our expertise lies in the field of Special Needs Construction, where we excel in providing solutions such as the installation of access ramps, removal of carpets, implementation of hardwood floors, and carrying out complete kitchen and bathroom remodels to ensure disabled accessibility.

Is your business or workplace compliant with regulations? Is your business or workplace compliant with regulations?

Handicap accessibility is mandatory in every newly built structure across the state of California. Additionally, numerous cities go a step further by enforcing the retro-fitting of existing government and public buildings to ensure they are handicap accessible.

Special Needs Construction

Our team of experts has the capability to swiftly and affordably update your business or workplace to meet all necessary accessibility standards. Whether it's constructing wheelchair ramps or installing access doors in residential or commercial buildings, or undertaking handicap-accessible bathroom and kitchen renovations, we guarantee top-quality work that adheres to code.

Local Building Code upgradesCanyon Construction Services is fully prepared to finalize your project according to your specific requirements and in compliance with all state and local code mandates, all while providing you with an affordable price.