Commercial Project Management

Commercial Project ManagementCCS offers a wide range of project management and construction management (PM/CM) services to property owners, developers, and small businesses in Riverside County. We specialize in Commercial Project Management, providing complete program management as an owner's representative.

Playing the role of the Owner’s central authority, Canyon Construction Services has the capability to supervise, control, and handle either the entire project or a selected portion as specified by the owner. CCS operates as a dedicated construction division for your real estate needs, offering timely updates, seamless coordination, vigilant supervision, and adherence to the objectives and criteria set by you.

These are only a handful of the countless services we provide: These are only a handful of the numerous services we offer:

  • Site Analysis
  • Design – Build (Budgets and Bids) is a crucial aspect of any project. It involves the process of creating a design and constructing it within a specified budget. This approach ensures that the design and construction teams work together seamlessly to achieve the desired project outcome. During the design – build phase, the project's budget and bids play a vital role. The budget sets the financial framework for the entire project, dictating the resources available for design and construction. It helps in determining the feasibility of the project and guides decision-making throughout the process. Bids, on the other hand, are the proposals submitted by contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to secure the project. These bids detail the cost estimates for the construction work, including materials, labor, and any additional expenses. The project owner evaluates these bids to select the most suitable contractor, considering factors like cost, expertise, and past project experience. HTML разметка: (and)
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Use Change
  • Complete Construction Management
  • Building Expansions

Our company's core principle is centered around establishing and nurturing trust and personal connections. We excel in offering customized, hands-on assistance for our clients and their properties. We have the ability to adapt and modify your business premises according to your specific requirements. At Canyon Construction Services, we prioritize the optimization of our clients' construction investment by:

  • Explicitly defining the scope of a project Clearly outlining the parameters and boundaries of a project
  • setting realistic budget goals
  • handling the construction procedure
  • meeting the project timeline

A positive result is achieved when there is effective management of time, cost, and quality. Starting from the initial planning stages all the way to the design and construction process, we ensure that our clients' project requirements are fulfilled, their objectives are accomplished, and their vision is brought to life.